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Recap Poll: What Next?

Connor is not halfway through our Agent Carter rewatch, so we thought it might be time to see what else you wanted us to recap. We’ve included the handy little poll below, so you can tell us what you think! Basia would be taking care of this rewatch, and while she’s watched both Gotham and Daredevil, she has yet to watch Penny Dreadful. So instead of a “rewatch,” you’d get to read her first-time impressions. Don’t like any of those options? Select “Other” and write us a comment telling us which show you’d like to see her watch!

Curly Hair Gothic, Part II

In case you hadn’t noticed… We’re back! Did you miss us? We thought the best way to come back from our under construction hiatus with our new URL was to do another Curly Hair Gothic post. Enjoy.

  • A child notices your hair and asks if you’re a mermaid. You smile at them, showing off sharp, pointed teeth. “Something like that,” you say.
  • Your hair is pulled tightly back into a ponytail. The sun is bright. The air is warm. Slowly, your hair begins to frizz, until a fine halo surrounds your head. Your hair does not appreciate the confines of its rubber band prison.
  • You have finally achieved a good hair day. You smile at yourself in the mirror. Outside, thunder crashes.
  • “You should straighten it,” someone says. Your hair enlarges, spirals, and engulfs them. They are never seen again.
  • This is not the first time this has happened.
  • Your stylist asks if you have considered straight bangs. Your hair snaps out of her grasp and snarls. She has been warned.
  • You’re not quite sure why, but you strongly identify with cephalopods.
  • Your hair can be shiny, too! your television tells you. Curly hair can never be shiny! objects Science. What is the truth? you wonder. There is no truth. There is only hair.
  • You go for a haircut. Your hair strains and clutches at the doorframe. You fight to get inside the door. No one even glances in your direction.
  • As you leave the salon, your hair curls towards the sun. It looks much healthier now. It purrs.
  • Someone with perfect, curling iron-constructed curls stops beside you on the sidewalk. Your hair sniffs, then growls. Impostor, it accuses.

Agent Carter Recap: 1×03


After a rather lengthy (ahem, months-long) hiatus, we’re back in time for the Agents of SHIELD season premiere to remind you that you, too, should Vote Team Carter in the Marvel Dubsmash Wars. We love SHIELD, but Agent Carter clearly knows what’s what when it comes to Dubsmash.

That being noted, we shall now carry on with our long, long, long-awaited recap of Agent Carter 1×03, “Time and Tide,” so mind the gap and be wary of spoilers!

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Frozen Fridays: Sprinkles Ice Cream Shoppe


I live in Northeast Philadelphia but work in Plymouth Meeting, which means a drive to work every day that ranges anywhere from thirty to fifty minutes. For the first few weeks after I started my new job, the road I usually take was closed due to construction, so I spent a large part of my commute sitting in traffic through Jenkintown and Elkins Park. I was less than thrilled about sitting in traffic, of course, but the one good thing it did was point me in the direction of this ice cream shop.

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